Fuel Valve Train for liquefied petroleum gas

Fuel Valve Train LPG

The Fuel Valve Train for Liquified Petroleum Gas is a two-skid solution which facilitates the use of LPG as fuel for marine 2-stroke dual fuel engines. The unit consist of two sub-systems namely the Supply Valve Train (SVT) and the Return Valve Train (RVT). The SVT is placed between the Low-Flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS) and the Engine. The RVT is placed between engine and service tank.

Why use LPG for propulsion?

LPG used for dual fuel LPG engines secures compliance with the 2020 emission regulations. By switching to LPG, the carriers will additionally achieve full compliance with SOx and ECA areas regulations, as well as gain an environmental advantage of at least 13% less COemissions compared with conventional marine engines, without loss of performance or efficiency.

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Fuel Valve Train for MeOH

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