Gas Valve Unit MkI for methane

Gas Valve Unit MkI

The Gas Valve Unit is a low-pressure double block and bleed system designed to direct flow of methane gas to 4-stroke dual fuel engines. In case of emergency shutdown, the Gas Valve Unit will disengage the fuel supply to the engine and send excess fuel from the unit to the vent header.

Did you know?

LNG significantly reduces or eliminates emissions of SOx and particulate matter. The reduction of NOx emissions depends on engine technology, but is typically well within the strictest International Maritime Organization NOx Tier III requirements in Emission Control Areas. When considering the complete lifecycle for LNG, the greenhouse gas savings amount to is up to 18% compared with traditional marine fuels.

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Nitrogen Compressor

At Eltronic FuelTech, we provide innovative high- and low-pressure solutions that delivers high quality as well as worldwide sustainability.

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