Nitrogen compressor for high pressure testing

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Product information

The Verticus Nitrogen Compressor is a high-pressure range compressor that combines compact design with impressive performance. This proven series is suitable for all common non-aggressive gases and gas blends and is thus ideal for virtually all applications.

Technical specifications

Download the data sheet below to delve into the specifics of the N2 Compressor, and acquire a deeper knowledge of its features and functionalities.

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Your benefits

Compact design

The N2 Compressor, characterized by its compact design,
provides space efficiency, facilitating seamless integration
into various environments.

Easy maintenance

The N2 Compressor is designed for easy accessibility to ensure
swift troubleshooting and maintenance.


We take care of the entire product lifecycle, from installation and
gas trials to providing support and maintenance for all equipment
procured from Eltronic FuelTech.


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