Eltronic FuelTech and CMP signed a contract for 6 units of Fuel Valve Train Methanol ½” for the world’s first new building project for RORO vessel to sail on green Methanol.

Eltronic FuelTech and Chinese CSSC Marine Power Zhenjiang Co.,Ltd (CMP) signed a contract for the delivery of 2 sets, each comprising 3 units of the block and bleed system, Fuel Valve Train Methanol ½”. The systems will be installed on two RORO Car carrier vessels, where both main engine and auxiliary engines are dual fuel. These vessels will be built in China and are set to be delivered respectively for 2025 and 2026. Furthermore, the contract includes an option for another four vessels.

The recently signed contract with CMP, a major player in China’s shipbuilding sector, signals a positive stride for Eltronic FuelTech. This order indicates a groundbreaking accomplishment as the six FVT’s Methanol ½” are the first deliveries of this kind from Eltronic FuelTech. It marks a notable milestone for the company’s advancements in solutions for four-stroke technologies for various marine vessels.

Michael Wulff, CCO, Eltronic FuelTech says: “With our extensive history of providing Fuel Valve Trains for two-stroke technologies, we are especially pleased to have secured this order for four-stroke auxiliary engines. This aligns with our aim to become a supplier of complete decarbonization solutions, catering to both main and auxiliary engines.”

The delivery of the FVT’s ½” is associated with the world’s first new building project for a RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessel designed to operate on green methanol. This undertaking represents a crucial stride towards a greener and more sustainable vehicle transport sector.

Michael adds “I am delighted to witness the increased interest in methanol within the vehicle-transport sector, driven by the present need for expanded capacity”.

The Fuel Valve Trains ½” are custom-designed to complement the MAN four-stroke GenSet engine through a collaborative effort with MAN-ES in Holeby.

Eltronic FuelTech and MAN-ES GenSet, Denmark have worked very closely together in tailoring the Fuel Valve Trains to the new MAN L21/31DF-M methanol GenSet engine. This engine is the first small-bore dual-fuel methanol GenSet in MAN’s portfolio and will reduce carbon footprint significantly.

About the collaboration, B.Sc.ME, Senior Engine Specialist from MAN-ES GenSet, Klaus Petersen states:

We are very pleased with the corporation with Eltronic FuelTech for this development project. In small bore four-stroke we started reusing the 2-stroke prototype FVT modified to LFSVT for testing at our test engine L21/31DF-M in Frederikshavn. Based on the experience gained we developed the standard LFSVT according to MAN Safety-Concept, and further on to the ordered customized FVT, then all-time in the process Eltronic FuelTech have been highly skilled developers.

Eltronic FuelTech now have 7–8-year service experience on methanol and only a few suppliers have that. There are plenty of uncertainties with new fuel as methanol, and it is nice to have an experienced supplier to support the development.”

MAN-ES GenSet and Eltronic FuelTech are also collaboratively developing and testing a merged solution, known as LFSVT, in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Besides the Fuel Valve Train methanol ½” Eltronic FuelTech has also in close collaboration with MAN-ES GenSet developed the methanol supply system LFSVT (Fuel Valve Train + LFSS), which is one integrated system.

Currently, the LFSVT solution is being tested in Frederikshavn, Denmark, and will be the first-ever low-flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS) with a Fuel Valve Train (FVT) tested to fit a MAN-ES 4-stroke engine for methanol fuel operation.

With the merged solution, Eltronic FuelTech provides the entire system between tank and engine eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

The LFSVT has great potential and Senior Manager & Site Manager, Finn Fjeldhøj, from MAN-ES GenSet says:

The recommended standard selection for MAN-ES GenSet will be the combined LFSVT due to some obvious reasons. The module can become much more compact combined, that will give less volume to ventilate, and smaller ventilators in the vessel installation. Optimized CAPEX of the complete installation for the best business case onboard is expected to give the fastest transition to new unknown fuels.

Further it will be MAN-SaCoS engine control that will control the module in regard of supply and safety. Only one interface between MAN-ES Holeby-GenSet and Eltronic FuelTech.

Finally continue development of the ME-LGIM prototype FVT module from 2014 give the setup with MAN-ES Holeby-GenSet the best service experience available in the market.
MAN-ES Holeby-GenSet will be available both as aux GenSet and Diesel/Methanol Electric-Propulsion.”

For more information regarding the Fuel Valve Train MeOH 1/2″ please visit the product site: Fuel Valve Train Methanol ½” – Eltronic Fueltech

The Fuel Valve Train Methanol 1/2"