Accelerating the green transition

We are committed to supporting our customers in the shipping industry on their journey toward decarbonization and the green transition. Our primary mission is to empower our customers as they reduce their carbon footprint and incorporate more sustainable practices.

Sustainability Report

In the Eltronic FuelTech Sustainability report, we share our latest progress, challenges, and learnings to become more sustainable.

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Sustainability Report 2022/2023

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Working towards decarbonization

X-to-power: We are realizing fuel potentials

Decarbonization is a crucial step in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change and achieving a more sustainable future. This involves the transitioning from carbon-intensive energy sources, such as fossil fuels to cleaner, low-carbon alternatives produced from renewable energy sources.

Among all fuel alternatives under discussion, methanol, ammonia, and other power-to-fuel solutions have been identified as the most promising fuels for shipping, as they reduce emissions significantly or completely.

At Eltronic FuelTech, we provide the solutions that make it possible for ships to utilize these fuels – safely.

In this pursuit, we contribute significantly to enhancing our clients’ global competitiveness.

Learn how we empower change in maritime sustainability

Watch the video below to discover the strides we’re making in fostering maritime sustainability and gain valuable insights into our commitment to empowering a more sustainable future.

Taking action for a sustainable future

At Eltronic FuelTech we recognize that sustainability and our commitment to working intensively with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities are integral components of our future strategy. Over the past year, we have made significant strides in aligning our operations and values with these crucial principles.

Below you will find our sustainable highlights from the report 2022/2023

Taking responsibility towards a fossil-free future

At Eltronic FuelTech, we already develop solutions making it possible for ships to run on fuels like LNG, LPG and Methanol and we are continuously looking into the market for new fuel opportunities.

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