Eltronic FuelTech announces strategic partnership with Great Ocean in China

Eltronic Fueltech is thrilled to announce a new agency agreement with Great Ocean, a prominent player in the Chinese maritime market. This partnership marks a significant step in Eltronic FuelTech’s global expansion strategy and underscores the commitment to driving sustainable innovation in the maritime sector.

Under this agreement, Great Ocean will be responsible for marketing and selling Eltronic FuelTech’s supply and safety systems to designated shipyards across China. This collaboration leverages Great Ocean’s extensive market knowledge and strong network within the Chinese maritime industry, ensuring that Eltronic FuelTech’s advanced technologies reach the right customers effectively.

“We are excited to partner with Great Ocean and expand our footprint in China,” says Nicolai Wiese, Global Sales Director of Eltronic FuelTech. “This agreement not only allows us to tap into the extensive potential of the Chinese market but also aligns with our mission to promote greener practices and technologies in the maritime industry globally.

Great Ocean, as the official designated agent for Hyundai Heavy Industry in China, specializes in the marketing and after-sales service of MAN and WinGD low-speed diesel engines and Hyundai HiMSEN medium-speed engines. The company has also secured official licenses for HMS (Hyundai Marine Solution), HEES (Hyundai Electric), HPS (Hyundai Power Systems), AVIKUS (Hyundai Autonomous Navigation), and more. Their portfolio includes collaborations with notable clients such as Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, Changhong etc.

“We recognize the great potential of the Chinese maritime market and are excited to deepen our presence there. As technology for greener alternative fuels continues to advance in China, this partnership with Great Ocean marks a strategic step forward for Eltronic FuelTech. Going forward China is an important market for us and our solutions”, Nicolai says.

Eltronic FuelTech’s solutions are designed to address the pressing need for sustainable innovation in maritime operations, helping shipyards and operators reduce their environmental footprint while enhancing efficiency and performance.








For more information about Eltronic FuelTech and the partnership with Great Ocean, please contact:


Nicolai Weise, Global Sales Director

E-Mail: nwe@eltronicfueltech.com

Phone: +45 23 10 60 20


About Great Ocean

Great Ocean is a leading marketing and sales agency in the Chinese maritime industry, known for its extensive network and deep understanding of the market. As the official designated agent for Hyundai Heavy Industry, their operations include MAN and WinGD low-speed diesel engines and Hyundai HiMSEN medium-speed engines’ marketing and after-sales service. They also hold official licenses for a wide range of Hyundai subsidiaries and other prominent maritime technology providers, offering comprehensive solutions and support to the maritime industry.