Eltronic FuelTech is presenting new product

Presenting new 2-inch Fuel Valve Train for methanol propulsion

At Eltronic FuelTech, we are pleased to present our latest innovation, the 2″ Fuel Valve Train supporting methanol propulsion.

The Fuel Valve Train is a block and bleed valve configuration designed to control flow of methanol from the liquid fuel supply system to the engine. The added water mixing feature enables our customers to mix methanol with water, and by that to comply with Tier III regulations.

The 2 inch Fuel Valve Train supports larger two stroke engines with fuel consumptions of up to 19.000 kg/h with an additional option of water mixing supply of up to 6.700 kg/h.

In case of a normal shutdown or emergency shutdown, the Fuel Valve Train will disengage the fuel supply to the engine and send excess fuel from the Fuel Valve Train to the drain. A nitrogen purge system is incorporated into the Fuel Valve Train to purge the system and the engine while preventing the fuel from reaching any safe areas.

The benefits of the Fuel Valve Train include filtration of media before injection as well as temperature and pressure monitoring between fuel supply system and engine. A drip tray is installed as a safety measure. Moreover, the Fuel Valve Train is designed for easy accessibility and maintenance.

For more information about the unit, please send us an e-mail on sales@eltronicfueltech.com.