Fuel Supply & Recirculation System for Ammonia

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Product information

The Supply & Recirculation System Ammonia consists of process equipment complete with pumps, heat exchanger, heating/cooling loop, duplex filter and recirculation tanks, that will safely secure the flow of ammonia to and from the engine at the needed pressure and temperature.

Technical specifications

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Your benefits

Sustainable and efficient energy

Green Ammonia is a zero carbon fuel, and is considered the most
feasible fully decarbonized fuel to be used within the shipping industry
in order to meet the reduction in CO2 required by IMO.

Duplex filter for filtration

Equipped with a duplex filter to enhance filtration capabilities,
maintaining the purity of ammonia during the supply and recirculation


We take care of the entire product lifecycle, from installation
and gas trials to providing support and maintenance for all
equipment procured from Eltronic FuelTech.

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