Fuel Valve Train
for LPG fuel operations

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Product information

The Fuel Valve Train for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a two-skid solution which facilitates the use of LPG as fuel for marine 2-stroke dual fuel engines. The unit consist of two sub-systems namely the Supply Valve Train (SVT) and the Return Valve Train (RVT). The main function of the Fuel Valve Train is to stop the fuel supply in case of normal or emergency shutdown.

Technical specifications

Download the data sheet below to delve into the specifics of the Fuel Valve Train enabling LPG fuel operations, and acquire a deeper knowledge of its features and functionalities.

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Your benefits

Environmental advantage

By using LPG as dual fuel you can gain an environmental
advantage of at least 13% less COemissions compared with
conventional marine engines, without loss of performance or efficiency.

Suitable for retrofit

The Fuel Valve Train provides a solution for both new builds
and retrofit, providing flexibility in the transition pathway.


We take care of the entire product lifecycle, from installation and
gas trials to providing support and maintenance for all equipment
procured from Eltronic FuelTech.

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