Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply Valve Train
for Methanol fuel operations

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Product information

The Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply Valve Train (LFSVT) is an integrated solution that combines a Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS) with a Fuel Valve Train (FVT). The solution is engineered for Methanol fuel utilization and designed to fit 4-stroke auxiliary engines and other methanol consumers such as boilers and fuel cells.

Technical specifications

Download the data sheet below to delve into the specifics of the Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply Valve Train enabling Methanol fuel operations, and acquire a deeper knowledge of its features and functionalities.

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Your benefits

Tailored for smaller vessels

The merge between the LFSS and FVT results in an optimized
configuration tailored for smaller vessels, effectively minimizing
the footprint with its compact design.

One comprehensive solution

With the merged solution, we provide the entire system between
tank and engine eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.


Customers can rely on a single point of contact, simplifying
communication, coordination, and support throughout the
entire system implementation and operation.

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