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Innovation is a keyword at Eltronic. We value new initiatives and perspectives, and we welcome applications from people looking for an apprenticeship, internship or a student job.

Kick-start your career at Eltronic FuelTech

At Eltronic FuelTech, we offer exciting, real-life experiences and we let you put your theoretical knowledge to the test in genuine projects. Working as an intern or student is a great opportunity to gain insight into a global company as well as it is an investment in your future.

You are always welcome to upload your unsolicited application and CV to our talent database.

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Ready for the world of mechanical engineering

Lasse A. Bodilsen - Intern at Eltronic FuelTech

“In my journey to become a mechanical engineer I have spent the past six months as an intern at Eltronic Fueltech, where my goal was to prove and develop the theoretical knowledge gained through my studies. In this period, I have been part of the engineering department, where I have had the opportunity to dive into many kinds of projects and work with different people with individual sets of skills. The variety of tasks I have been given has allowed me to investigate a large spectrum of mechanical engineering in general, and at the same time has given me a vision of how an active company works in all its parts from an idea to a final product.

The main part of my internship I have spent in the development group of the GVU project, where I started out making 2D technical drawings, and learned the workflow of the department. Later on, I started on calculations of flanges and gaskets, and eventually started elasticity simulations on the whole frame of the GVU Unum with summarising documentation. Lastly, I worked singlehanded on designing a set of vibration brackets for an already existing product, whereafter these were produced, and I spent a couple of days in the workshop to mount and test the setup. Although this project was short in time, it was quite exiting to follow the workflow from a problem to mounting the brackets myself.

The experience I have gathered at my internship at Eltronic Fueltech and being involved in all departments with a major feeling of responsibility and trust from the colleagues, really has given me the feeling, that this is exactly what I am meant to do. With all my experience from this internship I feel ready for the world of mechanical engineering in front of me.”

From Intern to Mechanical Analysis Manager

Andy Nico Worrmann - Mechanical Analysis Manager

“I have been part of Eltronic Group since 2017, where I was an intern for half a year in Eltronic Wind Solutions. I then proceeded to work in Eltronic Wind Solutions while studying and also ended up writing my final thesis as a student there. After graduating I wanted to pursue a different industry and was immediately offered a position as a Mechanical Engineer at one of Eltronic Groups many other companies, namely Eltronic FuelTech, where I have worked since 2019.

My primary work tasks consists of having the technical responsibility of our Gas Valve Train, as well as develop new concepts, perform calculations and investigate relevant rules and standards. One of the many advantages for me of working at Eltronic FuelTech has been the opportunity to develop myself as a mechanical engineer through courses, self-studying and testing, as well as being a part of a highly skilled team. I am especially motivated by my varying work tasks and the highly paced workday. Today, I have worked my way up to becoming Mechanical Analysis Manager.”

Kick-start your career like Lasse and Andy did - join us for an internship!

We are currently on the lookout for new interns for the fall semester of 2023. Is that you? 

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